Every organisation works with finances. It is how those finances are used that defines the tone of the organisation. This also depends on your products or services that you provide. Nevertheless, there are businesses and organisations that need to collect money from their clients or need to make payments as well. NAEDO is abbreviation for Non Authenticated Early Debit Order. NAEDOs can be loaded days and months in advance and minimal management is required after that.


Smart Debit Orders might not seem that different to a regular debit order, however, it makes managing finances in a business less stressful because it will give you the chance to pay your debtors or receive your money from creditors legitimately. Smart debit orders gives the bank instruction to track an account for a number of days, whereas a regular debit order will only attempt the collection on a particular date. In this way, NAEDO collections achieve higher collection success rates.

Real-Time Feedback

NAEDO allows you to identify transactions which were rejected; successful payment; unpaid transactions and transactions which are being disputed by the customer.
Focus on your growing business
NAEDO allows you to focus on growing new business and not worrying about getting payments on time.

Multiple-hit transactions

Track an account for a number of days. When funds become available, the collection is made.


The system will automatically manage, queue and submit the smart debit orders.

Track and trend

NAEDOs can be loaded days and months in advance. Minimal management is required after that.

Running a business definitely comes with its own challenges, and finances are definitely one of them. Thankfully Smart debit orders have managed to make things so much easier for everyone involved.
Increase your cash flow by running your smart debit orders through our easy-to-use cloud solution. We offer a comprehensive suite of payment services that can be set up according to your business needs. We are perfect for business owners who want to capture and collect payments from their clients in no time.

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