Frequently Asked Questions

Who gave EasyDebit permission to take my money?

Please note that EasyDebit does not just take money from anyone. We have a number of clients who use our system to run debit orders on their customer’s accounts. We can advise you as to which client had run the debit order. Simply provide us with the reference number as it appears on your Bank statement, and we will gladly assist you.

Is there a company called NAEDO that has taken my money out of my account?

NAEDO is an abbreviation for Non-Authenticated Early Debit Order that is being used by many companies to collect money from their clients. NAEDO is not a company, it is a debit order system that is used by many companies and service providers to run early debit orders on their clients’ accounts. Please contact your bank to get more detailed information.

Can EasyDebit stop taking my money without my permission?

All the debit orders run by EasyDebit are under instruction from a client. You will need to contact the company that you have signed the payment agreement with. Quote the reference number on your Bank statement for further information.

Can you please stop any future collections from my account?

No we cannot. As a third party payment processor, our clients use our services to run debit orders on their customer’s accounts. If you would like to cancel all future collections, you will need to cancel your contract or services with your service provider.

Why can I not access the portal?

Password issue – Please click on the forgot password link to reset your password.
Locked account – If your account is locked, our support team will have to check the reason for it being locked. Please send an email to to highlight your issue. We will assign a support ticket and resolve the issue as soon as possible.