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Ensure that debits are be authorised legally through electronic authentication.


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Easydebit© is simple to use and intuitive. Should you have a question, you can talk to a real, live person anytime you need to.
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Access your business from any computer or mobile device. Your data is always backed up and secure.
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Capture and collect payments from your clients in no time. easydebit is built for business owners to get organised, and get paid.
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E-mail notifications, Excel, PDF and CSV exports give you better payment tracking and reporting capabilities.

About us

Our business is stream-lining your business' transactions through our secure online portal. Easydebit© offers you the freedom to capture, manage and submit financial and non-financial transactions to all major banks in South Africa. 

Our solution provides your business with the ability to collect payments from customers safely online. All payments are processed securely, and your business is notified within minutes of a customer being debited successfully.

We offer a comprehensive suite of payment services that can be set up according to your and your clients' needs. Easydebit© specialises in once-off debits, regular recurring fixed debits and variable scheduled payments. Received payments are reconciled automatically.
Detailed reports are available on our secure online portal, providing your business with access to your payment history, and complete control over all your future payments. 

You can customise Easydebit© for stand-alone use, or integrate it with your choice of line-of-business software application. You have the flexibility to use your own merchant or utilise our merchant account.

Easydebit© accepts, holds and processes all confidential data in a safe and secure environment. So all you have to care about is your clients.

Improve your cashflow


Debit Order

The Easydebit© system allows a user to load debit order instructions against client bank accounts. Debit order payment instructions are single-hit transactions, processed in the evening on the due date.
Rich reporting on transactions
Debit orders are loaded for a particular date and banks will attempt to collect money only once. If the money is not collected, the debit order is considered a failure.

Features & Benefits:

  • Debit order instructions may be capture via the Easydebit© website as a single instruction or as an instruction with multiple payments
  • The types of accounts that can be debited include current, savings or transmission accounts
  • Two-day debit order payment instructions may be captured or updated via the Easydebit© website up to two days before the due date of the transaction
  • Same-day debit order payment instructions may be captured via the Easydebit© website on the due date that the debit order is to be processed against a bank account
  • Loading debit orders days and months in advance so you can capture and relax
  • Deactivating debit orders in the event that you need to
  • The system will automatically manage, queue and submit the debit orders
  • Rich reporting on transactions allowing you to view which transactions are successful, which have failed and why, and be able to do your own trending


The Easydebit© system allows a user to load smart debit orders also known as Non Authenticated Early Debit Order (NAEDO) against client bank accounts. Smart debit order payment instructions are multiple-hit transactions, processed early in the morning on the due date.

How does the smart debit order differ from a regular debit order?
The smart debit order allows a client to load a payment / debit order against a particular bank account and then tell the bank to watch or track the account for a number of days to wait and see when the money becomes available for collection.

For example, if you've sent a payment request to track the account for 5 days and for the first 3 days there is no money to honour your request. If on the 4th day money is deposited, the bank will immediately take the money that you have requested to be collected and report the payment instruction as successful.

Features & Benefits:

  • The user can load a smart debit order with the ability to select any of the allowable tracking days noted above
  • Loading smart debit orders 1 working day before the date the money needs to be collected
  • This payment will only be considered if uploaded before 12:00
  • Loading smart debit orders days and months in advance so you can capture and relax
  • Deactivating smart debit orders in the event that you need to
  • The system will automatically manage, queue and submit the smart debit orders
  • Rich reporting on transactions which allows you to view which transactions are successful, which have failed and why, and be able to do your own trending

Strike Date Optimisation

Easydebit© can assist your company to debit clients more successfully by knowing when they have the available funds.

Through utilising Strike Date Optimisation we
  • Debit on the date, through customer information intelligence
  • Get you the best date to debit your clients
  • Debit your clients when they have the available funds
  • Reduce your tracking costs

Features & Benefits:

  • Take on new clients proactively by using this intuitive process
  • The process can be done in a batch format or individually
  • It is a once-off process
  • Increase your debit order success rate

Tracking made easy



Account Verification Service
Real-time bank account verification
Account Verification Service (AVS) allows for verification of the identity of an account holder against the bank account number supplied. Our EasyAVS© provides a single platform which facilitates Account Verification across all the major banks in South Africa, namely ABSA, Standard Bank, FNB, Nedbank, Capitec and Mercantile Bank.

EasyAVS© allows you the ability to make sure your client has provided you with the correct bank account details before delivering services or attempting to collect payments. The EasyAVS© verification process is real-time and therefore can be used as part of your client take-on or vetting process.

You don't need to wait hours or days for account verification results.

Like our other payment solutions, EasyAVS© is designed to be simple and intuitive while ensuring you can collect your payments quickly and efficiently.

Features & Benefits:

  • A means to mitigate your risk of fraud on a pro-active basis
  • Real-time responses with major banks
  • Verify validity of bank account
  • Verify that ID number is linked to bank account
  • Verify whether bank account can be credited or debited
  • Verify status of account (i.e. open, closed etc.)
  • Verify whether an account has been open for more than three months
  • Verify email address and telephone number
  • Lower your cost by avoiding failed debit order collections as a result of invalid bank accounts
  • Facility to verify email address and telephone number


DebiCheck gives consumers upfront knowledge about their debits through an electronic authentication process, ensuring that debits will be authorised legally. For the payer this rules out any abusive cash flow management strategies.
Do your own tracking
The SARB has instructed that all banks must deliver DebiCheck within the next two years. All collectors using NAEDO will have to convert those mandates to authenticated mandates, making DebiCheck one of Easydebit©’s key offerings.

Features & Benefits:

  • Load DebiCheck months in advance
  • View transactional success and do your own trending
  • Debit current, savings and transmission accounts
  • Payer must authenticate the transaction
  • Fixed or usage based
  • Up to 10 days tracking
  • Dispute process is difficult

cloud payment solution Cloud payment solution


Account Check Digit Validation Services
Validate any account instantly
Another service that Easydebit© provides which will support the clients' account detail screening process is the EasyCDV© service. This service allows a user to request an Account Check Digit Validation Services (CDV) on a provided bank account number, branch code and account type.
The EasyCDV© service will then check that the account is correctly formed and matches the account number formulation rules for all banks in South Africa. This happens in real-time and you'll have your results in a wink!

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