DebiCheck will allow you to verify your debit order information and electronically confirm this with your bank when entering into an agreement with a service or credit provider. This means that you will be assured that when you authenticate a debit order, you have signed up for it, approved it and know exactly how much will be debited against your account on a specified date.

What does this mean if I am a Service or Credit Provider?

DebiCheck reduces the amount of incorrect – or fraudulent debit orders. Early Debit Orders may now only be processed against the account holders’ account upon approval by the account holder before a service or credit provider may proceed in processing the Debit Order.

The account holder will approve Debit orders by:
  1. Instant message or SMS
  2. At his/her Bank’s Contact Centre
  3. Any Branch or ATM
  4. A point-of-sale device
  5. Your banking app on your phone
Here is an example of how DebiCheck will work:

DebiCheck puts you in control of your debit orders and helps you manage your money efficiently.

For additional information, you can also visit PASA’s DebiCheck website for more information.