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EasyAVS© is a powerful product that enables you to verify various details of a bank account. The platform facilitates Account Verification across all the major banks in South Africa.

EasyAVS© can be used as part of your client vetting process, ensuring that clients provide correct bank account details before delivering services or attempting to collect payments.

EasyAVS© can verify and validate:

  • The validity of a bank account;
  • An identity number linked to the bank account;
  • Whether a bank account can be credited or debited;
  • The status of an account (i.e. open or closed);
  • Whether an account has been open for more than three months;
  • The email address and telephone number linked to an account.

Product features

Increased cashflow

Increase your cashflow by avoiding invalid bank accounts.

Real-time results

Receive real-time results with major banks.

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Reduce fraud

Proactively mitigate your risk of processing fraudulent transactions.

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Quick and efficient

Lower costs by avoiding failed debit order collections as a result of invalid bank accounts.


Start using EasyAVS© and proactively reduce your risk of fraud.

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