Debit Order

The Easydebit© system allows a user to load debit order instructions against client bank accounts. Debit order payment instructions are single-hit transactions, processed in the evening on the due date.
Rich reporting on transactions
Debit orders are loaded for a particular date and banks will attempt to collect money only once. If the money is not collected, the debit order is considered a failure.

Features & Benefits:

  • Debit order instructions may be capture via the Easydebit© website as a single instruction or as an instruction with multiple payments
  • The types of accounts that can be debited include current, savings or transmission accounts
  • Two-day debit order payment instructions may be captured or updated via the Easydebit© website up to two days before the due date of the transaction
  • Same-day debit order payment instructions may be captured via the Easydebit© website on the due date that the debit order is to be processed against a bank account
  • Loading debit orders days and months in advance so you can capture and relax
  • Deactivating debit orders in the event that you need to
  • The system will automatically manage, queue and submit the debit orders
  • Rich reporting on transactions allowing you to view which transactions are successful, which have failed and why, and be able to do your own trending