Biometric Verification Service

Biometric Verification Service (BVS) can match an ID number to a fingerprint and retrieve the associated ID photo. BVS is available as a mobile and web application, which gives you the ability to verify clients anytime, anywhere and stores the geo-location during the verification.

Mitigate your risk of identity fraud, in real-time, and take on new clients with confidence.

Product features

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Eliminate identity fraud

A means to mitigate your risk of fraud on a pro-active basis through fingerprint identity verification.

Real-time results

Receive real-time verification results through the application.

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Return ID photo

Verify clients by retrieving the associated ID photo from home affairs.


Return a geolocation report of every verification request.

Web and Mobile Application

Verify clients anytime, anywhere through the desktop or mobile application.

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BVS is a white-label application with rich and customisable reporting features. Various scanning devices are supported.

How does EasyDebit's Biometric Verification work?

The process has been made very simple and can be done in real-time.
An optical scanning device is used to scan finger prints.

Step 1

Login to the application.

Step 2

Enter an ID number and click capture.

Step 3

Scan finger prints using optical scanning device.

Step 4

Receive verification results in real-time.

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