In the Finance industry, one may often come across the acronym N.A.E.D.O., which at times
may be mistaken for a company, a surname or a name of a person. The question then
arises, “What exactly is NAEDO and what does it do?” and for business owners, as well as
those in the finance industry, the most important question is “How does my business benefit
from NAEDO?”

First, we need to clarify the acronym, NAEDO. This stands for Non Authenticated Early Debit
Order, and it is a type of Early Debit Order instruction given to a particular bank to process
an electronic payment earlier in the day. Subsequently, once a customer gives an authorised
debit order mandate to a user (a collector or beneficiary of the debit order), the user can
electronically collect payments against the customer’s bank account. (PASA, 2019)

NAEDOs are also known as Smart Debit Orders because of the mechanisms it has of
collecting payments. Traditionally, debit orders give instructions to the bank to debit the
account on a particular date, whereas NAEDOs are able to track the bank account for a
number of days until the payment is collected from the bank account. Collecting payments
through NAEDO gives the user an advantage of increasing their collection success rates.

EasyDebit Payment Solutions is able to facilitate NAEDO transactions on behalf of its clients. Through the use of its efficient and cloud-based software, clients are able to:

  • Have access to rich reporting on transactions that provides an overview of collectionand payments in real time.
  • Track a customer’s bank account for a number of days, when funds becomeavailable within the tracking days, the collection is then successfully retrieved.
  • Load NAEDOs days and months in advance with minimal management
  • Automate their payment collections function by automatically managing, queuing andsubmitting the smart debit orders.
Businesses could have the advantage of increasing their cash flow by using NAEDO to
collect payments from their customers. Cash flow challenges could affect the business’s
ability to generate profit and increase value for its customers. For this reason, EasyDebit
Payment Solutions facilitates payment transactions on behalf of its clients to better their
abilities of generating profit. Through its customer support and efficient reporting, businesses
can transact better and improve their profitability.

Get in contact with EasyDebit Payment Solutions today for a simple, smart transacting
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