About us

Our business is stream-lining your business' transactions through our secure online portal. Easydebit© offers you the freedom to capture, manage and submit financial and non-financial transactions to all major banks in South Africa. 

Our solution provides your business with the ability to collect payments from customers safely online. All payments are processed securely, and your business is notified within minutes of a customer being debited successfully.

We offer a comprehensive suite of payment services that can be set up according to your and your clients' needs. Easydebit© specialises in once-off debits, regular recurring fixed debits and variable scheduled payments. Received payments are reconciled automatically.
Detailed reports are available on our secure online portal, providing your business with access to your payment history, and complete control over all your future payments. 

You can customise Easydebit© for stand-alone use, or integrate it with your choice of line-of-business software application. You have the flexibility to use your own merchant or utilise our merchant account.

Easydebit© accepts, holds and processes all confidential data in a safe and secure environment. So all you have to care about is your clients.

Improve your cashflow